Determination of Working Group Membership, Meeting Schedule and Priority Agenda, Supporting the Success of the G20 Presidency Series

18 Feb 2022 21:17



Determination of Working Group Membership, Meeting Schedule and Priority Agenda, Supporting the Success of the G20 Presidency Series

Jakarta, February 18th, 2022

The G20 Indonesia Presidency in 2022 carries the theme "Recover Together, Recover Stronger" or "Recover Together" as a central theme that invites G20 members to work together in a collaborative and inclusive approach. The three main priorities of Indonesia's G20 Presidency are Global Health Architecture, Digital-based Economic Transformation, and Energy Transition. This main priority is used as a new discussion agenda (flagship agenda) in the Working Group (WG) and Engagement Group (EG) Sherpa Track. On the Sherpa Track, there are 11 WG, 1 Initiative and 10 EG. This synergy between the Government and Non-Government groups shows the inclusive nature of the G20 forum.

Indonesia's G20 presidency has several important discussions related to 3 Main Priorities, including encouraging the formation of a joint task force between the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance which is the mandate of the G20 Rome 2021 Summit. Through this joint task force, it is hoped that post-recovery efforts pandemics and preparedness for future pandemics are well coordinated globally and become a legacy for the Indonesian Presidency. In addition, at the G20 Indonesia Presidency, the first meeting of the Digital Economy Working Group, which was previously in the form of a Task Force, will also be held.

"The implementation of the Indonesian G20 Presidency is expected to be not only narrative or written agreements, but also concrete and provide tangible and inclusive benefits, not only for Indonesia but also for the world," said Deputy for International Economic Cooperation Coordination Edi Prio Pambudi who is also the Coordinator - Sherpa G20 Indonesia together with Ambassador Dian Triansyah Djani.

Indonesia will also seek to coordinate global policies that contribute to a more balanced world governance, make the G20 more adaptive to crises, and fight for national interests in global forums.

From the aspect of implementing a series of activities, Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Susiwijono Moegiarso as Chair of the Sherpa Track and Finance Track Secretariat explained, "The entire series of events for the G20 Indonesia 2022 Presidency will be held around 441 events spread across 25 cities/districts. There were 184 main events consisting of 1 Summit, 20 Ministerial and Central Bank Governors Meetings, 17 Sherpa/Deputy Level Meetings, 56 WG Level Meetings, and 90 EG Level Meetings. In addition, there are around 257 Side Events and the Road to G20 Indonesia 2022 program".

To regulate and support the smooth implementation of the entire series of events of the G20 Presidency, particularly in the Sherpa Track sector, the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto as Chair I for the Sherpa Track Sector, has issued a Decree of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy (KepMenko) Number 27 of 2022 concerning Membership Structure and The Sherpa Track Working Group's Agenda Matrix for the 2022 G20 Presidency of Indonesia.

The Coordinating Ministerial Decree regulates the Membership Structure of the Sherpa Track Working Group, including the appointment of Chair/ Co-Chair/ Alternate Chair from each Working Group and Engagement Group. In addition, an Agenda Matrix has been set which regulates the Meeting Schedule and Priority Agenda of the entire Working Group and Engagement Group. "All Sherpa Track events will be based on the arrangements set out in this Coordinating Ministerial Decree, so that there is information from the start that provides clarity and certainty in the implementation of all activities," explained Sesmenko Susiwijono.

Previously, a Circular Letter from the Head of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force (SE KaSatgas) Number 6 of 2022 was issued regarding the Bubble System Health Protocol at the G20 Meeting Series in Indonesia during the Covid-19 Pandemic which fully regulates the implementation of health protocols in the implementation of a series of activities. G20 Presidency. "The holding of all meetings within the framework of the Indonesian G20 Presidency, will be carried out by implementing strict health protocols by implementing a bubble system, as stipulated in the SE KaSatgas," said Coordinating Minister Susiwijono, who explained in a press statement related to the implementation of the Sherpa Track for the G20 Indonesia Presidency in 2022.

In the implementation of the Sherpa Track, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates the discussion of non-financial economic issues, namely issues related to energy, development, tourism, digital economy, education, labor, agriculture, trade, investment, industry, health, anti-corruption, environment, climate change, and other non-financial issues.

The Sherpa Track coordination structure in the 2022 G20 Indonesia Presidency consists of 11 Working Groups (WG), namely Anti-Corruption; Agriculture; Environment and Climate Sustainability; Development; Digital Economy; Energy Transitions; Education; Employment; Health; Tourism; Trade, Industry, and Investment; and 1 Initiative, namely EMPOWER. And there are 10 Engagement Groups (EG), namely Parliament 20; Supreme Audit Institution 20; Business 20; Civil 20; Urban 20; Women 20; Think 20; Science 20; Labor 20; and Youth 20. (ekon/ltg/tam/fsr)


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